Suspensory ligaments of the breast

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Cooper's ligaments also known as the suspensory ligaments of Cooper and the fibrocollagenous septa are connective tissue in the breast that help maintain structural integrity. They are named for Astley Cooperwho first described them in[1] [2] their anatomy can be revealed using Transmission diffraction tomography. Cooper's Suspensory Ligament should not be confused with the pectineal ligament sometimes called the inguinal ligament of Cooper which shares the same eponym.

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Frank Lau. This study provides an anatomical foundation for why our technique may yield better, longer-lasting results. This occurs when breast tissue drops to the lower portion of the breast independent of nipple position.

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Marie Bell has earned a Bachelor of Science in sports medicine and is currently working toward a Doctor of Medicine. She has a passion for health and wellness and shares her knowledge in her writing. Cooper's ligaments are thin collections of connective tissue in the breasts that help support the bulk of the breast tissue. These ligaments connect the skin overlying the breasts to the collarbone and the underlying connective tissue on top of the pectoral, or chest muscles, providing the characteristic shape of the breasts.

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Kelly K. Hunt, Marjorie C. Green, Thomas A.

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It just feels like a whole bunch of lumps to me. We often refer to it as our collar bone. It is the upper delimiter of the breast.

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These ligaments help to maintain the shape and structural integrity of your breasts. This can result in noticeable changes in breast contours. This can include swelling or flattening, bulges, or dimples.

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Mastalgia is the medical term for breast pain and tenderness. This pain and tenderness may come and go with monthly menstrual cycles cyclic or may not follow any pattern noncyclical. Breast pain may worsen with changes in your hormone levels or changes in the medicines you are taking.

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