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Business is booming. Slightly chilled, raw cookie dough is ready to serve in many different forms such as cups, cones, and sandwiches. The product can be customized with gourmet flavors like salted caramel, peanut butter, birthday cake, Nutella, and much more.

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All you need are a handful of ingredients and 10 minutes of your time! Years ago, hubs and I started making our own pizza dough. I remember being nervous to try it out because I always mistakenly thought it was going to be very difficult.

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Hi, I'm againsorry to trouble u. Tonight I make this mocha bread, I make the sponge dough. I mix everything of the sponge dough with hand but it very sticky so had to put back in mixer to mix it but it turn out quite sticky also.

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The best homemade pizza dough I ever had the pleasure to eat. Like from a proper pizzeria! Yeah baby.

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Place water and sugar in a large mixing bowl or an electric mixer with a dough hook and stir to dissolve. Sprinkle yeast over the top and allow to stand in a warm place for 10 minutes. Mix in flour, oil and salt until evenly combined, working to form a soft dough.

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The perfect and traditional recipe for Carnival time. The time after Christmas in Italy is basically spent waiting for Carnival, a festivity that is celebrated in many Catholic Countries and in different ways: the exact date depends on when Easter falls, starts 2 weeks before the beginning of Lent and ends on Shrove Tuesday. As a matter of fact, it is usually celebrated during February or March and in Italy it mainly revolves around food.

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Richard Bertinet clearly identifies with such an approach to life and baking if the pages of his latest book, CRUMBare anything to go by. After publishing five books, including the aforementioned baking bibles and others devoted to patisserie, pastry and cooking, where do you start your sixth? It feels leisurely and, where needed, detailed in the most patient and accessible ways possible.

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The conversation above occurs frequently and has probably happened to many of you. But why does all this happen? First of all, we have to say that leavening or fermentation is the chemical process of yeast converting sugars to carbon dioxide and ethanol.

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When I think of bread my mind goes back to cold Saturday mornings with ice on the inside of the patio doors and cartoons blazing on the television. My dad would get up early and, after eating his porridge, would begin to make bread. He would mix all the ingredients in a large ceramic bowl that was crystal-white on the inside and biscuit-brown on the outside.

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His mother, Elizabeth, used to supply him with sweet dough during his distant journeys. She added nutmeg, cinnamon and lemon zest to the dough — it is considered to be a wise solution, easily stored in the ship, which helped the crew in cases of the flu or scurvy. So Gregory, unhappy and unsatisfied as he was from the nut filling and the unbaked dough, he thought of creating a hole in the middle of the ball. With his way, he increased the dough surface that was interacting with the hot oil, resulting in the better frying of the doughnut.


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