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For those who are destitute what may be bitter seems sweet you fed me feces since the day we did meet but now it's time that I left this place thanks for teaching me, twenty seven, six through eight. There's few cruel people within in this world what worries is me is what they control responsibility taken by the irresponsible and those who won't take it are the ones we should follow call it self righteousness to cover your pride you talk about living elsewhere close-mindedness here may be different but it doesn't mean it's not everywhere. Brown eyed girl was never your song it belongs to mandabear i've been worrying about her safety since they had a tornado there the saddest thing that i find in life is that you might be singing along but completely missed the ideas i expressed couldn't understand the point of this song.

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God Save the Sex Pistols. Having found his musical feet again playing and co-writing with the likes of Andy Taylor and Iggy Pop, he was at last able to make his own mark, free of Sex Pistols baggage. Steve was wiping the slate clean and asking to be judged on the here and now.

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Oil and gasoline are not subjects that are beloved in musical folklore. None of them are love letters to the oil and gas industries. One, I mean, that directly addresses the Gulf oil spill.

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Show song. And this is how it starts Take your shoes off in the back of my van My shirt looks so good, when it's just hanging off your back She said use your hands and in my spare time We've got one thing in common and it's this tongue of mine She's got a boyfriend anyway She's got a boyfriend anyway 20 minutes til I drop you off and all we seem to do is talk about sex She's got a boyfriend anyway She's got a boyfriend anyway I loved your friend when I saw his film, He's got a funny face but I like that cause he still looks cool She's got a boyfriend anyway She's got a boyfriend anyway Now we're on the bed in my room and I'm about to fill his shoes But you say no But you say no Does he take care of you? Or could I easily fill his shoes But you say no, You say no And now we're just outside of town And you're making your way down She's got a boyfriend anyway She's got a boyfriend anyway And I'm not trying to stop you love, If we can't do anything, we might as well as just She's got a boyfriend anyway She's got a boyfriend anyway But you say no, But you say no You've got your tongue pierced anyway You're in your hightops any day You're in your skinny jeans anyway You and your fit friends anyway I'd take them all out any day They've all got back combs anyway You've all got boyfriends anyway.

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So much beauty, abs and tush Swoop down on you like a burnin' bush Pop religion bullwhip thin Says you ain't nothing but the shape you're in Come on now girl, genuflect nude magazine This mean old world runs on sex and gasoline. You're pushing thirty, why you old hag Here's something dirty for your shopping bag You spend the money and here's the deal We'll do our best to mend your sex appeal Ah, come on dear girl, the process is routine This mean old world runs on sex and gasoline. Your over forty, that's it for you I'm pretty sure there's nothing else that we can do Perhaps the convent, perhaps the knife You woulda, coulda, shoulda been a rich man's wife Come on old girl, Lolita in her prime was yet thirteen This star crossed world runs on sex and gasoline.

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R odney Crowell has been on quite a run of late, recording three straight albums that rank among the strongest, smartest country records of the decade. That the remainder of the album is comparatively predictable and repeats many of the same themes more didactically, then, makes Gasoline a bit of a letdown. Still, even at its most strident, Sex and Gasoline is topical and fiercely intelligent in a way that few modern country albums are.

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Just when you think you have him categorized, he takes a turn and makes an album bound solely by is own originality and uniqueness. Artsy songs are fine, and often they make for compelling listening. Crowell, who solely wrote all the material here, is a fine songwriter but these songs will only appeal to a small niche population of his fan base. The other standout is the title track, the only tune to get the folk sensibilities Crowell was going for just right.

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Log dich ein um diese Funktion zu nutzen. Billy went way out west With a pawn shop stereo And a junkie promise to himself He left his soul on the bathroom floor of a Texaco Tina was a blessing and a curse An angel with a bullet in reverse Never met the devil only God on junk Black motorcycle boots she was on the run Before she was all grown up Sex, guns and gasoline Make a poor boy richer than he's ever been Love, hate and kerosene Ease a dirty mind burn your conscience clean Take it out on faith or call it a sin Sex, guns and gasoline. Fehlerhaften Songtext melden.

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