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From there, and again, he was about 17 at this point Robson became a thread in the fabric so intertwined with the biggest pop stars of that time and today, really. He was that much the sixth man for this group, jumping off the bench when they needed a talented new player in the moment. He also went on to direct her Dream Within a Dream tour.

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Becoming a dad is a state of mind, and it's much more complicated than becoming a father, which is a mere accident of biology. It can be traumatic for anyone, but it's especially difficult for a rock critic. Woe is me on the day I cross the line and become the Man myself, though I've been accused of doing so.

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It was released on January 12,by Jive Records as the second single from the album. Spears has named "Toxic" as her favorite song from her career, and originally had to convince her record label to release it as a single. It is accompanied by high-pitched strings and breathy vocals.

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Take yourself back to early A time of Y2K fear, economic expansion we thought would never end, television domination by people named Frasier and Dr. Carol Hathaway, and two stars whose first names were enough to cause a stampede: Britney and Leo.

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How her album of weapons-grade pop blurred the lines between Britney, the person, and Britney, the pop star. Each new low captured in close-up by swarms of paparazzi. Britney in a ratty wig at Starbucks.

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A divorce from Kevin Federline and an exhausting custody battle over their two kids, a shotgun Vegas wedding to childhood friend Jason Alexander and a general struggle to maintain agency over her own life inevitably culminated in a heavily publicized breakdown. It was described at the time as "the most public downfall of any star in history," crystalized in a widely panned VMAs performance in which Britney half-assed it through the debut of "Gimme More" in the most perfectly articulated statement of IDGAF up to that point. It also took place in the foreground while Spears—somehow—worked on her fifth and most foreboding album Blackout.

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Exhale by SamuelC. I wrote this absolutely subjective article about Britney's sexiest songs in my opinion. You may agree or not, but I want to share my thoughts with you, hoping that you will enjoy this.

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Britney Spears. The Guardian view on hacking: a dangerous arms trade. Published: 14 May

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Top definition. It's Britney, Bitch unknown. The phrase instantly became a pop culture icon, garnering titles such as the "Holy Phrase" in popular music.

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A classic underdog tale, only with players that we already recognize and care for, who are now picking themselves up by their weathered bootstraps and carrying on, humbled and wizened and buoyed by gratitude. As often as this apologue is repeated, I still catch myself questioning its accuracy: Does the culture not prefer to hold people endlessly responsible for past indiscretions? Are we not far more interested in the perpetual wind-up—in the promise of a reinvention that never quite takes? Is there not some lingering, puritanical kink in the national DNA that makes us all believe that we should be suffering eternally for our sins, even as we demand absolution?


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