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ADHD often goes unrecognized throughout childhood. Instead of recognizing your symptoms and identifying the real issue, your family, teachers, or other parents may have labeled you a dreamer, a goof-off, a slacker, a troublemaker, or just a bad student. Alternately, you may have been able to compensate for the symptoms of ADHD when you were young, only to run into problems as your responsibilities increase.

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By Rick Green. There are a lot of hot button issues around ADHD. Of course not everyone has them all.

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Research has emerged to support that idea, including an important eight-year study released in September of Nora Volkow, a renowned researcher and director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, led a team that studied 53 adults with ADHD who had never been treated or medicated for the disorder. A control group consisted of 44 healthy people without ADHD.

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Learn more symptoms of ADHD in adults here. Here are some of the superpowers of the ADHD brain that mental health experts and patients often observe. The ability to take in large amounts of stimuli is useful in the modern, fast-paced work environment. Many people with ADHD are not overwhelmed by a stimulating environment; they might even enjoy it.

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Imposing and forcing the ADHD brain to change and become neurotypical is not possible and has not worked. These are simply different brain systems. Mindfulness training increases: calmness, clarity, focus and attentiveness, helps manage emotions and increase productivity.

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Get your fix of expert articles delivered straight to your inbox! ADHD is usually diagnosed in young children, but if undiagnosed and unmanaged, can lead to continued problems into adulthood. Do you find it difficult to pay attention and focus on tasks?

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Healthcare providers usually diagnose this condition in childhood. However, some people are not diagnosed until adulthood. The three main characteristics of a person with ADHD are inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

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From positive psychology to psychopathology: the continuum of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. This integration can be facilitated by the conceptualisation of mental disorders as the high, symptomatic extreme of continuous normal variation. This assumes that there is also a low, positive extreme, which is, however, unchartered territory.

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By Rick Green. First things first: A Caveat. A Clarification.

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What is it like to be a kid with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? Children with ADHD often struggle academically, socially and emotionally. They may be disorganized, forgetful, easily distracted and impulsive. And like all kids, they want to feel normal, says Dr.


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