Menstruation after breast feeding

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Almost anything is considered normal when it comes to your periods while breastfeeding. All women experience a time of postpartum bleeding following birth which is not considered a menstrual period. If bottle-feeding, most mothers will have their first real period not long after this.

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One of the peculiar perks of pregnancy is nine-plus months of no period. But after your baby is born, it's just a matter of time before Aunt Flo pops in and says, "I'm baaaack! Still, your period will return eventually — and it could make its appearance in the first few months even if you are breastfeeding.

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What would a National Breastfeeding Month series from a menstrual cup company be without a post on periods?? Gone are the days of perfectly timed cycles and knowing when you would start. Breastfeeding naturally delays ovulation. Our bodies release a hormone called prolactin while nursing, this is the hormone that suppresses ovulation and thereby keeps away periods and the chance of getting pregnant.

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A: If you're not breastfeeding, it usually takes about six to eight weeks for your period to return to normal after delivery. If you're nursing, there's no need to stock up on tampons just yet. The hormones circulating while you're breastfeeding can temporarily suspend ovulation, so you may not see a period or experience a regular one until you wean your baby.

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Menstruation is connected to fertilitypregnancy, and even breastfeeding. Then, if you decide to breastfeedyour period may stay away for weeks, months, or longer. So, when should you expect your period to return and how will menstruation affect breastfeeding and your baby?

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Lactational amenorrhea refers to the natural postpartum infertility that occurs when a woman is not menstruating due to breastfeeding. Many mothers receive conflicting information on the subject of breastfeeding and fertility. Exclusive breastfeeding has in fact been shown to be an excellent form of birth control, but there are certain criteria that must be met for breastfeeding to be used effectively.

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Like every female I know, I was more than happy to say goodbye to her for a bit. And who the heck wants to deal with PMS, cramps, and bloody bathroom visits while parenting an infant for the first time? It seemed to me that nature had my back on this one. Much to my surprise, I got my first postpartum period when my baby was just shy of 5 months old he was exclusively breastfeeding around the clock, too.

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Human beings have known for centuries that breastfeeding affects fertility, and this has been borne out in recent studies. The individual variations are, however, great. Some women resume their menstrual cycles soon after giving birth, while others do not resume menstruating until the baby is weaned which can be months or years later, depending on how long the baby is nursed.

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