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No spoilers but Deadpool 2 was such a breath of fresh air after the Infinity War drama, it cured my depression, cleared my skin, my crops are flourishing, I found cash on the street, the sun is shinning. I also drew a version featuring gay male heroes. Check it out!

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The X-Men Franchise has taken a lot of heat for its portrayal of gay and lesbian characters. Over the past few decades the number of textually lesbian and gay X-Men has grown and with each addition created waves of controversy. Homosexual representation in the X-Men has been called pandering, out of touch, or off base.

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Here are some queer female superheroes for you to start campaigning to get some screen time. Roxanne Washington is a member of the X-Men, first appearing in Volume 2, and identifies as bisexual. She does some serious crushing on Rogue, who you might remember from the X-Men film franchise.

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Independent comic book creator and writer Brian Andersen counts down the greatest LGBT moments that unfolded in the pages of mainstream comics in For throngs of comic book-reading gay geeks out there, was a banner year. From loads of on-panel same-sex smooching to newly out characters, queer representation in mainstream comics soared to new heights over the past 12 months — making a celebratory list of the gayest moments in comics an absolute must. Uncanny X-Men 14 The X-Men have a number of LGBT characters in their extensive line-up, which makes sense as their entire existence — being feared and hated simply because they exist — is an allegory for our queer reality.

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Well, we've already heard all about gay comic book charactersbut what about the ladies? Well, there's actually been quite a few highly publicized lesbian characters in comic books over the years. Compared to gay males, they're quite well represented.

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The Strangest Superheroes of them all. The Uncanny Misfits. The Heroic Outcasts.

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While the X-Men have long had a following among comic book readers, the release of the first film X-Men in finally brought them into the cultural mainstream, reinventing the comic book with a darker, more realistic tone. The powers range from telepathy or control of the elements to looking like a big blue furry cat — and some of them rank among the most outlandish super powers within science-fiction. Wells characters are driven to a life living underground by their outlandish appearances and inability to fit in with society, and they form their own society.

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The Canadian mutant hero a. He will marry African-American Kyle Jinadu. Northstar was revealed to be a gay character way back inbecoming the first Marvel hero to be recognized as such.

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Josh Boone, director of new X-Men spin-off film New Mutantsthis week posted a series of Instagram pictures unveiling what is likely to be the line-up of superhero characters that will make up the main cast. It appears that 20th Century Fox has decided to replace Karma, a Vietnamese girl and one of the first leading lesbian characters in the realm of superhero comics, with Magik, a straight, white character - and fans aren't happy. Responses to the image on Instagram included one from heynowjose, who wrote: "so we're just not gonna have Karma?

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Not only can she morph into anything and anyone, making her the ultimate fantasy, but she also has total command over herself, exhibiting a confidence and sensuality that is palpable. She's even used her body in non-consensual ways, demonstrating just how ruthless she is willing to be. Say what you will about how cruel and callous she can be, but never underestimate the power of Mystique. It's not that Mystique never has affairs for her own pleasure, but throughout her history most of her relationships were merely ruses used to manipulate or trick people.


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