Deaht note fanfiction strip or ill do it for you

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Right, so… this site has stopped letting me make hyperlinks. I'm afraid you dearies will just have to cut and paste like we did back in the good old days. And then get off of my lawn, you hooligan.

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Ryuk had warned him. Once a human uses a Death Note, they cannot go to heaven or hell. All that awaits them is nothing.

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In the land of the dead, a bored Shinigami named Ryuk decides to create some entertainment for himself by dropping a Death Note the notebook of a death god; "note" is simply what the Japanese call notebooks into the human world. Light Yagami, a brilliant-yet-disillusioned Japanese student, sees the notebook fall into his world and picks it up. On a whim, he tries out the instructions held within its pages, and discovers that he can kill whomever he wants, however he wants, by writing their name and optionally cause of death into the Death Note.

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A new shinigami becomes bored with the shinigami realm and after hearing about Ryuk's exploits decides to seek out another human like Light Yagami and have an adventure of his own in the human world. Meanwhile, Near and Mello find out about L's deathand Mello upon finding out the true circumstances behind it, doesn't take it well Community Showcase More.

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Groggy and disoriented, Near opened his eyes. Where am I? Last he knew, he'd been walking into the bedroom, but he couldn't remember sitting down.

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Nate and Gina are known to hate each other, which is why weve got a fanfiction about what would happen if Nate and GIna loved each other. Gina gets accepted into Harvard and Nate goes to a community college close to Gina. Gina gets her PHD in pure mathematics.

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L is a reclusive detective who takes his job seriously. Too seriously, in fact. Once he takes note of how neglected and stagnant his life truly is, he decides to make some changes. Challenges arise through an unanticipated meeting.

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I finally wrote something for another fandom than Pokemon. Okay, so. Because it is hope and win and love.

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Disclaimer: If I owned Death Note, there would be no chess unless 'strip' was associated with it. Oh Light-Kun, you're knight is threatening my queennnnnnnn. Disclaimer Part 2: Kids, usually my work is usually rated M for language.


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