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Sex sells. The history of fiction and artifice are littered with the scandals and sensations of erotic art. In the s, you could suddenly get away with nudity without having to pretend it was educational.

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Some claim that exploitation movies peaked in the 70s, that era of seamy sex and vulgar violence that filled grindhouses up and down 42nd Street. But B movies still exist, and some of them are just as great as the classics. Here are 10 of our picks for the greatest modern day B movies.

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Though some stunt, er, parts were employed, you are basically watching actors like Charlotte Gainsbourg and Shia LeBeouf engage in the sort of unsimulated activities you associate with porn stars. LeBeouf even sent in a homemade pornographic videotape for his audition. Whatever Happened to NC Movies?

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Fifty Shades Freedthe third and final entry in the film trilogy based on E. To be fair to Freedthough, the trilogy was never that sexy to begin with; it always traded in a Lifetime movie-version of BDSM, dulling the knife-edge of kink in order to appeal to as large an audience as possible. James could dream up. At the time of its release, it was celebrated as a neo-noir masterpiece and was considered groundbreaking for its depictions of sexuality, violence and

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Sign in. Film contains Great and many sex scenes are only included. New movies will appear once a week from nowSo keep checking for best horny movies made for you ever.

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A B movie or B film is a low-budget commercial motion picture that is not an arthouse film. In its original usage, during the Golden Age of Hollywoodthe term more precisely identified films intended for distribution as the less-publicized bottom half of a double feature akin to B-sides for recorded music. Although the U.

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The movie's preview on Netflix's homepage might look like your average rom-com, but its description reads like a low-budget porno: "Tired of the emotional hassles of relationships, two girlfriends keep a pair of unemployed construction workers around in a 'strictly sexual' role. Strictly Sexual, a straight-to-video steamy flick masquerading as a romantic comedy. It's actually one of the most vanilla borderline-softcore movies available on Netflix, famous for its no-porn policy — these 11 dirty movies on Netflix, parading as actual "cinema," all tread a line between actually having a plot and just depicting people boning.

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Netflix is the gift that keeps on giving. It has a bounty of unrated and NC films casually chilling out, just waiting to be streamed. Some are a little lacking in the plot department, but they're not when it comes to steamy, realistic, and unfiltered depictions of sex.

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Welcome to modernity, where frame-by-framing a celebrity nipple in slow-mo is just a series of mouse clicks away. Ben, a stockboy at a supermarket, imagines he has the ability to stop time to combat the ennui of his overnight shifts. An alien temptress descends on earth for purposes of procreation. She searches high and low and with increasing desperation for a suitable partner — not unlike the recent history of one Jennifer Aniston.


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