Inflamatory breast cancer alternitive treatment

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Researchers in the University of Delaware's Department of Biological Sciences are investigating a new drug that has shown positive results in early tests of its ability to fight a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. A small, pilot study of the drug found that inflammatory breast cancer IBC tumors in mice -- which grew to four times their original size in a day period if untreated -- remained stable in size when treated with the drug. When a small amount of a traditional chemotherapy drug, which has limited effectiveness in IBC, was combined with the new drug, the number of tumor cells was cut in half.

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While only 1 to 4 percent of newly diagnosed cases are IBC, 60 to 70 percent of all women with the disease do not live five years beyond their diagnosis. Unlike other breast cancers, IBC does not present itself as a lump, but as inflammation. The symptoms a patient typically notices or feels include:.

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Treatment for breast cancer often comes with unpleasant side effects. These vary from person to person. You may only experience side effects during treatment, or you may find some side effects continue after your treatment ends. Some people find that natural remedies can help relieve their side effects and improve their quality of life during and after treatment.

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This special report shows you how you can win the fight and heal your cancer As you well know, diagnosis of cancer, or even a suspicion of cancer causes a great deal of fear. You reflect on friends or family who died of cancer.

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Inflammatory breast cancer IBC is an uncommon type of invasive breast cancer that typically makes the skin on the breast look red and feel warm. It also may give the breast skin a thick, pitted appearance that looks a lot like an orange peel. These changes are caused by cancer cells blocking lymph vessels in the skin.

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Researchers at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute hope some of these drugs may provide alternatives to the current treatments, and may also have less side-effects. Such drugs may also have the added benefit of allowing doctors to treat patients sooner, because these drugs have already passed clinical trials for other diseases. By the time most patients are diagnosed the cancer is often at an advanced stage.

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Patients with inflammatory breast cancer tend to be younger than patients with other types of breast cancer the majority are 40 to 59 years old at diagnosis and they are also somewhat more likely to be African American or pregnant at the time of diagnosis. Women with inflammatory breast cancer are more likely to develop contralateral breast cancer cancer in the initially non-cancerous breast than women with comparably staged non-inflammatory breast cancer. Women with IBC typically present with a history of less than six months of rapid breast enlargement and redness of the skin.

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News Sponsored. Cancer Type Breast Cancer. Gastrointestinal Cancer.

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Chemotherapy for breast cancer uses drugs to target and destroy breast cancer cells. These drugs are usually given directly into a vein through a needle or as a pill. Chemotherapy for breast cancer frequently is used in addition to other treatments, such as surgery, radiation or hormone therapy.