Breast augmentation through the belly button

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Posted in: Breast Implants Surgery. Breast implant surgery through the navel is among the very exciting developments because the first breast augmentation process. This approach enables patients to circumvent the most frequent patient complaint, which will be certainly the option of post-operative scarring common to each other type of implant placement surgery.

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Another bonus is that TUBA decreases the recovery time in the average patient, as compared to other incision choices. Many patients report less recovery pain, less post-operative wound care and decreased down-time. Visit the pages of this website to learn more about this advanced, and often misunderstood, surgery and see breast augmentation surgery in a whole new light

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Is it possible to have sub-pectoral placement under the pectoral muscle with TUBA? Is the TUBA procedure a "scarless" breast augmentation surgery? I have heard that breasts are often crooked, or asymmetrical, with the TUBA approach because it is more difficult to make the pocket.

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Within this article, we will touch upon the technique of this unique surgery, benefits, ideal candidates, highly reviewed plastic surgeons, pricing and so much more about the Transumbilical breast augmentation procedure. TUBAor Transumbilical breast augmentation, involves introducing a breast implant from the belly button. It uses the abdominal area to get the implants up to the breast area.

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The most common cosmetic surgical procedure done in the United States based on statistics published by the American Society of Plastic Surgery is breast augmentation. When planning a breast augmentation there are many important decisions to make such as implant type and size, implant placement above or below the muscle, and incision location. Currently there are four acceptable options for incisions: axillary armpitperiareolar around areolaperiumbilical belly buttonand inframammary fold.

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Our goal is to help you make natural-looking improvements that no one else can tell came with surgery, and minimizing scars is a key factor in achieving this goal. This highly specialized technique involves only a single incision in the natural folds of your belly button. The lack of a breast scar is an obvious advantage of TUBA breast augmentation —but there are other perks to the procedure, including:.

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The Consultation: First you will discuss with Dr. Rosen your medical history and goals regarding breast augmentation. He can answer your questions about alternative breast implant placement methods, breast implant sizes, breast implant types, and other related topics.

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Can you really get a breast augmentation through your belly button? There is no way that is possible, is there? Your talking a good foot of distance between your breasts and your belly button. What type of path is there to even get the implants where they need to go?

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He is one of only a few cosmetic surgeons in the country that performs this procedure. Frenzel performs this operation by first making a small incision in the navel or belly button. Although this seems like a reasonable objection, the results achieved with TUBA breast augmentation say otherwise.

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