Vaginal tightening methods

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There are various reasons why you may have a vagina that is loose or not as tight as you would like it to be. This can be a result of childbirth, obesity, aging, heavy lifting and straining. There is good news though.

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The idea that you can develop a "loose" vagina from too much sex is a myth created by capitalism and the patriarchy to feed vagina insecurity and sell you dumb products. Or at least, that's the theory I subscribe to after learning about "vagina tightening" pills and the tragically titled "18 Again" cream. I can confirm that you can have rigorous penetrative sex with penises, dildos, and even fists and your vagina won't "stretch out.

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When it comes to the vagina, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions. Some people, for example, believe that vaginas can lose their elasticity and become loose forever. Your vagina is elastic.

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Search Submit. Many women and men hold desires or have expectations of how that area should feel, look and smell. Keep reading to learn about some uncanny methods some people in Africa and the Caribbean are using to tighten their nether regions.

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As women go through childbearing, hormonal changes and aging, they can experience changes in their genitalia. Changes that can impact a woman's quality of life include vaginal laxity, stress urinary incontinence, loss of vaginal lubrication, a decrease in erotic sensation and loss of tone of the labia majora. As women, their physicians and the media are finally beginning to talk about these issues, the number of treatments available is increasing.

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Loose vagina is a common disorder of the female reproductive system. Tight vagina is important for a woman in having intimate sex with her partner. Every woman desires to have a tight vagina.

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When you are first married, life is wonderful, sex is easily pleasurable, and your partner is ready and willing to do absolutely anything you request. But as time goes on and the initial spark fades, the intensity, excitement, and willingness to please deteriorates and can be intensified by problems such as a loose vagina. The walls within the vagina are large muscles which expand and contract to allow sex and childbirth to occur.

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While some women acquire this vaginal flaccidity as a birth trait hereditaryothers tend to develop it after delivery. Whatever the case may be, a loose, flaccid vagina can potentially lead to a lack of interest in sex and may eventually ruin the intimacy and relationship between the couple. The vaginal skin is soft and elastic to a certain extent, but like a rubber band, eventually it loses its elasticity, after a certain amount of pressure.

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The term "vaginal rejuvenation" covers several different cosmetic procedures for female genitalia, such as labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. Vaginoplasty also known as posterior colporrhaphy is a procedure designed to tighten the vagina. An alternative is noninvasive vaginal tightening through heating tissues with radiofrequency waves or laser.

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Rejuvenating your vagina is the health buzz of the moment — and now another high tech device has hit the market which manufacturers claim works with zero effort - and could take the tedium out of pelvic floor exercises. The V Sculpt wand, developed in consultation with obstetricians and gynecologists, aims to strengthen bladder muscles, plump up and tighten vaginal tissue and increase natural lubrication. Common triggers include pregnancy, childbirth, obesity and age. For many women bladder control becomes worse during the perimenopause and menopause.


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