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Hold off putting up your usual variety of mistletoe — the dwarf mistletoe could soon eclipse its better-known Christmas cousins as the green fertility symbol of choice for holiday party goers. In fact, the discovery of the intimate details of the sex life of the dwarf mistletoe is even getting traditionally staid botanists hot and bothered. New research shows that the dwarf mistletoe, a member of the same Viscaceae family as the better-known Christmas varieties, is truly worthy of being hung with pride.

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Where did it start? Who thought of it? How did it come to be that a harmless little weed could inspire so much Yuletide debauchery?

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Christmas is a time for stealing kisses under the mistletoe. In Shanghai this weekend, the city's increasingly visible gay and lesbian community seized the festive season to use their lips to make their own holiday statement. While attitudes are slowly changing, many Chinese still take a conservative view of homosexuality.

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If you don't want to kiss someone, then you definitely shouldn't - but it might bring you good luck if you do. You're standing in a bar chatting to a handsome stranger and would never dream of puckering up and lunging at him because, well, that's weird. But look towards the ceiling and there's mistletoe - great!

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First, did you know mistletoe is a conniving parasitic plant that attaches to an unsuspecting tree or shrub, viciously sucking the life-force from its host without consent? Its berries are also toxic, causing serious health problems to those who ingest it. So, mistletoe is basically the Harvey Weinstein of plant-based holiday decorations!

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Every year when December rolls around, we carry out countless holiday traditions that pre-date all of us. Christmas trees have been a thing since 16th century Germany. Stockings can be credited back to the days of St.

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More than half of adults will get their ultimate Christmas present this year - sex! New research released today indicates that lots of lusty couples will slip between the sheets for a bit of fun after the clock strikes 11pm following a day of celebrations. Two thirds of adults admit the scarce amount of quality time they get with their partner at Christmas can leave them feeling a little fruity and lead to a lust for some seasonal sauciness.

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But where did this tradition come from? The plant was sacred for the Druids, as it was believed to have the power to heal diseases, provide fertility, protect from witchcraft and bring good luck. It held such significant meaning that enemies who met under mistletoe in a forest would lay down their weapons, exchange a friendly greeting and cease fighting until the next day.

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Because of climate change? No mistletoe, plus everyone is too paralysed with fear of the impending apocalypse to want to get the snogs in. For once, no.

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Show me a sprig of mistletoe hanging at a holiday party and I'll show you at least one person who cracks jokes about stealing kisses from fellow revelers. Everyone knows it's tradition to smooch under the festive greenery but where exactly did the kissing custom come from? Signs of affection shared under the under the plant have origins in ancient Druid and Norse cultures.


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