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The groin shot: an attack so devastating that men have banned it from virtually every contact sport they engage in. Let's learn how to do it. These days, only Muay Thai fighters strike to the groin—and they only do it in Thailandwhere they wear groin protection made from fucking steel.

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A short time later, Graham allegedly used both middle fingers to flip off the student who witnessed the earlier exchange. A social worker knocked on our door and wanted to talk to our son about the situation. Graham was not fired.

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An MMA fighter was taken to the hospital and needed his testicles examined after suffering an illegal kick to the groin during a fight. I tried to stand back up but I felt so much pain I sat down again and the doctor stopped it. Tavares, who fought in the UFC for nearly 10 years, was rushed to the hospital and told MMA Fighting doctors initially suspected he may have suffered a testicle rupture.

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It happened in the early hours of 12 September. The cries of pain of a Senegalese citizen were heard throughout the neighbourhood of Santa Teresa Street in the town of Reus, shortly after midnight. Local police arrived and found the man writhing in pain gesturing to his crotch. A local resident explained to the police how the African became wounded shortly before they arrived.

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Having a football ending up in your private parts is one of the most painful things that can happen to men. They usually start cringing even if they just see a player being hit in the testicles. Testicular contusions can be common side effects of being an athlete.

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London - Lorde has slammed Diplo for having a "tiny penis" after he poked fun at her good friend Taylor Swift's butt. In response to Diplo, Lorde wrote: "should we do something about your tiny penis while we're at it hm sic ". The year-old music producer — whose real name is Thomas Pentz — initially called for someone to create a fundraising account to help get the star a new derriere.

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Skip to content. I accidentally kicked my brother between the legs yesterday and it seemed to hurt him a great deal. I know that I may have done some real damage — my mother said I should never kick him in the balls cause it can stop him from having kids.

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You see it in movies all the time. Some guy gets hit right in the privates. If you're a boy, you probably already know your penis and scrotum are sensitive. And more important, what do you do if you're having pain or another problem "down there"?

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Why such sensitivity, especially in a relatively small area? The scrotum and testes are pretty much a nerve bundle, Dr. Brahmbhatt says.

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Top definition. The Penis Showing Game unknown. Featured in the motion picture "Waiting"it is a game created by the character Raddimus and is widely played by all the male workers of Shenaniganz. The main objective of the game is to get someone to look at your genitals and accusing them of being homosexual by calling them a faggot, then following a firm kick to the arse.


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