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Not everyone knows about anime, but everyone knows Sailor Moon. It is one of the most popular manga series of all time and is recognized worldwide. So if you like Sailor Moonyou are in luck!

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When Sailor Moon made its way overseas, the anime series experienced some pretty extreme censorship. Apparently, just about everything in the series was too intense for American audiences, including the entirety of the 5th season. With Sailor Moon censored so heavily, fans really had to do some digging to find out even the basic story behind the anime.

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As the reincarnation of a citizen from the Moon, there are likely some fundamental differences between her and a genuine human being. You might be shocked to know that Sailor Moon is a mere 14 years old, which is especially weird for a Western audience when considering the nudity implied or otherwise when it comes to her and the rest of the Senshi. The future versions of Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Scouts were still alive and kicking, barely having aged a day. This is due to the power of the Silver Crystal, which greatly extends the lives of all who are within the range of its energy.

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So, Third Arc wrapped up recently, if it's really adapting the whole manga it's going to go up to the fifth arc. As everyone, both people who love it and people who hate it will tell you, Sailor Moon Crystal is VERY faithful to the original Manga as opposed to the 90s Anime which was definitely was not. I hear about Crystal's animation being bad

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Vrai, Dee, and special guest Anne discuss the first season of Sailor Moon in part 1 of our multi-part retrospective! The fourth and final part of our 4-part watchalong of the shojo classic Princess Tutu with Vrai, Chiaki, and special guest Miranda Sanchez! Episode 3 of our 4-part watchalong of the shojo classic Princess Tutu with Vrai, Chiaki, and special guest Miranda Sanchez!

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So, most of us have guilty pleasures. Sailor Moon was a major player in the popularization of anime in America in the early 90s. However, Sailor Moon, along with Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing, really ushered in a new level of popularity and acceptance of anime as more than just cartoons for kids.

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Based on a scale of one being the worst and ten being the bestusers can assign a number of stars to individual episodes of a series. The series has an average rating of 7. The 10 highest rated episodes of the series are a little higher than that, ranging from 8.

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While western audiences won't see Persona 5 Royal until at the earliest, they can at least enjoy the new trailers and marketing Atlus is releasing pending the game's upcoming release date. The most recent Persona 5 Royal trailer showcases one of the game's new playable characters changing into their Awakened form, clearly made by fans of Sailor Moon. Each character in Persona 5 has their own new form after they join the Phantom Thieves and their Persona awakens.

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