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Often, it seems that nobody is good enough for their beloved daughter or son - so it can take a lot of time and effort for them to warm up to you. One man did not have this problem at all, and claims his mother-in-law had the hots for him straight away. It's been so uncomfortable for the couple that they've even had to have a word with her about her crush on him in a bid to get her to cool off.

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I have read many mother-in-law stories and never would have believed any of them had I not experienced it first hand with my mother-in-law, Charlotte. It started long ago when I was first married. Back then, my mother-in-law was an attractive something-year-old and I was a horny something-year-old.

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Moms these days are under a lot of pressure, and social media doesn't make things any easier. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have given us the ability to peek into each other's private lives. Instagram has become the go-to way for mommas to share proud moments, embarrassing moments and adorable moments with friends, family and the world, for better or for worse.

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Each day brings us a new chance at humiliation through accidents made through technology and social media. Accidentally hitting the "share to Facebook" button on Pornhub, pocket dialing your boss while you're in the bathroom, sending a dirty word to your mom because of Autocorrect, accidentally tweeting a vagina plane from your work account instead of personal, and on and on. But there's one thing so awful, so terrible, that most of us would never be able to recover emotionally: accidentally sexting your significant other's parents.

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One of the hardest parts of a marriage isn't getting along with your spouse, it's getting along with their parents, and one mother-in-law is making that extra difficult for a devoted husband. In a post on Reddit asking for help, the guy explained that his wife's mom had the hots for him, which was "creepy" and made things awkward but was bearable. He and his wife spoke to her about how uncomfortable it mades them and it died down a little, but then things got a lot worse.

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We can't all be blessed with in-laws who feel like family instantly. Some of us get saddled with in-laws who feel more like foes. Below, HuffPost readers who are now divorced share the most obnoxious thing their former mothers-in-law ever did.

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Please refresh the page and retry. Despite her best intentions, it took Trent a few years to realise that her husband's mother, Liz, had other expectations of her. When she once found me dusting the picture rails, her comment was: 'I'm so pleased, but what really drives me mad is when you don't clear the breakfast table'. Their differing views finally came to a head one evening at a birthday dinner for her husband, Adrian, four years into their marriage.

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One mother-in-law MiLhowever, took it all too personally. Wife and I have been together for a few years now. It seemed to have died down and we put it down to an unfortunate crush.

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