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If you believe your child needs immediate attention and you have concerns for a life-threatening emergency, call Not sure what counts as urgent and what's an emergency when your child is sick or injured? When it can't wait, know where to take your kids.

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Mind your pee—your urine can give clues about the state of your overall health. But what else can pee tell you about your health and habits? A lot, it turns out.

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There is no known cause for pollakiuria, also known as benign idiopathic urinary frequency. In some cases a stressor or trigger factor can be identified, but usually no trigger is identified. Overall, this condition is normally self-limiting and harmless, lasting anywhere from six weeks to six months.

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As mothers we get upset, maybe even angry, if our children want to go wee-wee at the most inopportune times. And, until you satisfy their needs, you will get no peace. This is, of course, a typical scenario most mothers experience as children need to empty their bladder every two to four hours [1].

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Jump to content. Top of the page Check Your Symptoms. Most people will have some kind of urinary problem or injury in their lifetime.

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Hematuria means that red blood cells are in the urine. Urine does not normally contain red blood cells because the filters in the kidney prevent blood from entering the urine. In hematuria, the filters or other parts of the urinary tract allow blood to leak into the urine.

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Every time I visit the locker room of a pro sports team I make sure I visit the restrooms. Now, I know this all sounds a bit weird, but hear me out. They show a range of 8 hues gradually transitioning from off-white, through various shades of yellow, to finish on a nasty greenish looking brown.

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Make Appointment. Find a Specialist. Get Directions. Physician Referrals.

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Losing urine by accident is the main sign of a bladder control problem. Your child may often have wet or stained underwear—or a wet bed. Nighttime wetting is normal for many children—and is often not considered a health problem at all—especially when it runs in the family.

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Many things, including a physical injury or inflammation or infection in the urinary tract, can cause it. Hematuria also is associated with some general medical problems, such as defects of blood clotting, exposure to toxic materials, hereditary conditions, or immune system abnormalities. Sometimes there may be such small amounts of blood in the urine that you cannot see any color change, although it may be detected by a chemical test performed by the pediatrician. In some cases the reddish color is not associated with hematuria at all, and the reddishness may be due simply to something your child has eaten or swallowed.


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