Nontoxic paint stripper recipe

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The present invention relates to a paint stripper composition effective in removal of a wide variety of paint systems coated or otherwise adhered to such substrates as metal, wood, glass, fabric or plastic. The composition of the present invention has been found effective in the removal of such finishes as acrylic nitrocellulose lacquers, amide cured epoxy systems, polyurethane systems, polysulfide systems, varnish systems, lacquer systems, enamal systems, and the like, and has further been found to be effective in the removal of carbon deposits found on metal parts and has unique chelating and sequestering properties effective to remove surface rust from metal and chrome plated surfaces. Finish remover compositions comprising methylene chloride as the active solvent have tradionally been formulated either an acid or basic pH level depending upon the type of surface upon which the finish has been applied.

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Paint is a wonderful and beautiful decorative material, but when it comes to removing it, suddenly the glamor is all lost. Paint thinners and other toxic chemicals are effective at removing most types of paint, but these methods aren't natural and have high-emissions rates and toxic fumes. When you strip paint naturally, you must use biodegradable solvents to penetrate the surface and lift the paint.

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No-one mentioned the new version of the old-fashioned way, hot air guns are cheap, the better ones are adjustable, and they don't need the high level of skill and safety required by blow torches It's quite hard to set fire to the peeling paint or the wood below with a gun, but almost inevitable with a torch. They are great for peeling off plastic tiles, softening plastic pipe, and helping BBQs along when you are done with paint scaping Caustic soda aka lye is used for industrial stripping sometimes, so you've got an option there with other answers.

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Alternatives to traditional, harsh paint strippers are making furniture refinishing easier on the lungs. Once upon a time, the only way to remove paint from an old piece of furniture was to use a fast-working chemical stripper containing methylene chloride sometimes called dichloromethane or DCMwhich can only be used outside or in areas with proper ventilation because of their harsh fumes and high VOC content. Not anymore. Though chemical strippers using safer ingredients have been on the market for more than 15 years, they're more popular than ever thanks to growing interest in green building.

An effective powder that when mixed with water makes a powerful paint remover, for easier and less expensive removal of thick, old paints. For paint removal of thin layers of modern oil paints or clear finishes, such as varnishes, shellacs, lacquers or synthetics, a solvent remover is recommended. It makes a thick, easily applied cream that dissolves up to eight layers of old paint with one application.

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Removing paint was always a scary process to me: put on a chemical, wait for it to do the work, then take it off — seems simple enough. But the chemical itself worries me. I mean, paint, poly, all that stuff is toxic enough, but if you need some other solution to take it back off… that seems way more harsh to me.

When people complete a home purchase, they're typically pretty excited to move in and make the place their own. Sometimes, however, that new home comes with a good amount of unsightly or out-of-date wallpaper that stands in the way of all kinds of decorating plans. Wallpaper removal can become a huge chore, and it's the bane of many a homeowner.

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Flour Paint In fact, all paints are prepared according to a simple basic recipe: They are made from pigments for the colorbinders to bind all the ingredients togethersolvents or thinners to dilute and make the paint easier to applyand additives to add specific properties to the paint, such as quicker drying, or protection against mold, etc. Interested yet?

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We get a steady stream of customers asking us for advice about paint stripper use and how to remove paint and varnish from wood. Thankfully contemporary stripping products are relatively simple, effective and safe to use. Much better than the bad old days when your only choice was pure caustic soda, nasty stuff!


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