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Edward C. Partner fidelity has a much better chance. And his conclusions, expressing agreement with Pope Benedict XVI—who, on his recent trip to the continent, had denied the panacean potential of prophylactics—provoked a miniature firestorm.

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More on the now infamous male prostitute example :. Multiple studies have shown that the only programs that have been successful have encouraged the reduction of the number of sexual partners, and the promotion of condoms generally has led to the opposite result, a promiscuous expansion of the number of sexual partners. This is why many non-ideological AIDS experts in Africa are now promoting the ABC plan to which the Pope alluded, focusing on abstinence before marriage, monogamous fidelity within marriage, and condom use only when people have determined to be reckless, in order to lessen the consequences of that reckless behavior.

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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. On tomorrow's Sunday Sequence, we've an exclusive interview with Dr Edward Greenthe Harvard researcher who made news last week when he came to the defence of Pope Benedict. The pope has outraged the medical world by claiming that condoms exacerbate the problem of Aids in Africa.

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The evidence says so. What evidence? The editorial fails to say amid its rambling about AIDS statistics. Strange as it may seem, current scientific evidence — not what some doctors established long ago — actually supports what the pope said.

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Partner fidelity has a much better chance. In addition, people who know or suspect they are HIV positive are more likely to use condoms and people that would have more partners anyway are more likely to use condoms and become infected, said Danforth. Later this week, a group of scientists including the several global AIDS experts, the United Nations, World Health Organization and World Bank will release a consensus statement stating that male circumcision and discouraging multiple and concurrent partnerships are the most important strategies for curbing the spread of HIV in Africa, though condoms distribution should be used as a secondary strategy.

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Billions of condoms have been shipped to Africa in order to prevent the spread of HIV. One nation that clearly demonstrates this problem is Botswana. For over a decade Botswana has relied upon widespread availability of condoms in order to combat AIDS.

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Answering a question by a news reporter, the pontiff affirmed that far from being an effective means to fight AIDS, condom use only makes the problem worse; and that the real solution is to educate people about chastity, fidelity and the sanctity of matrimony. Leading newspapers in the West and politicians from many European countries and NGOs linked to the United Nations and the European Union accused the Pope of ignorance, rashness and stopped just short of calling him a criminal, an accusation actually made by some ACT-UP homosexual activists protesting in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris 1. The AIDS problem cannot be overcome by the distribution of condoms: on the contrary, they only make matters worse.

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I won't hold my breath for the secular mainstream media to notice, but that's what Christianity Today magazine reported on March 20 with its publication of an e-mail interview between deputy managing editor Tim Morgan and the director of Harvard's AIDS Prevention Research Project, Edward C. Green]: This is hard for a liberal like me to admit, but yes, it's unfair because in fact, the best evidence we have supports his comments — at least his major comments, the ones I have seen. Green went on to say that, at least as far as African countries are concerned, Pope Benedict is correct that condom promotion doesn't lessen the AIDS problem emphases mine :. There's no evidence at all that condoms have worked as a public health intervention intended to reduce HIV infections at the "level of population.

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En route to Cameroon, Pope Benedict remarked that condoms were not a solution to the spread of Aids but part of the problem. I watched this and nearly keeled over. The Christian lady was a baffling creature who seemingly refuted any form of figure not gathered by the church.

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E dward C. Green is one of the world's leading field researchers on the spread of HIV and public health interventions. He has been sharply criticized by some public health experts for supporting sexual partner reduction programs and for endorsing the so-called ABC method "Abstain, Be faithful, or use a Condom" for fighting the transmission of HIV. After Pope Benedict's comments earlier this week, Green agreed to answer Christianity Today deputy managing editor Tim Morgan's questions by e-mail.


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